What (not) to Wear to a Beer Fest

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The fact that the beer festival had an entry on its website for “Dress Code” was rather unusual. And the description of what to wear – “chic, smart, or comfortable casual” – was somewhat confusing. But some of the choices attendees made were downright strange. So here’s a snapshot of the best and the worst from the National Beer Expo last weekend in Richmond, Va.


  • Pink Floyd prism as a beer can and the words “Wish You Were Beer” – Please ignore the fact that Pink Floyd’s album “Wish You Were Here” is not the one with the prism on the front. Details, details.Runs With Beer
  • Saw two shirts that said “My Indian Name is Runs With Beer” – Mom, how do Native American’s get their names? Why do you ask, Two Dogs F%&#$ing?
  • Pain white T that simply said “I Know the Muffin Man” – Yes, but do you know where he lives?
  • At least three shirts had “My bucket list includes: 1) ice, 2) beer” – ‘Nuff said.


  • The guy in the red pants with red tennis shoes wearing a red-and-black Taylor Swift concert T-shirt – You’ve got to be comfortable with your masculinity to hang out with beer drinkers in that get-up.
  • The guy wearing the “Top Gun” T-shirt – OK, we get it, you’re into fighter jets and military heroes. But why did you choose the shirt with a picture of a bare-chested Val Kilmer playing volleyball?
  • Viking helmet complete with horns – It was funny when two guys showed up wearing them. But then we soon realized there was a vendor on-site selling them, and 115 people wearing Viking helmets isn’t nearly as funny … until the horns started falling off.

My team (which consists of two) wore matching grey T-shirts that said “Craft & Growler Filling Station – Dallas, Texas” on the front. We were chic, smart, and comfortable casual.

— Eric Van Steenburg

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